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Writer/Director: Dorothy Booraem

Writer/Producer: Chad Haufschild

Producer: Andrew Johnson

Cast:  Kris Yanike, Eric Moyer, Mark Dews, Shaun Vetick, Christina Marie Leonard, Christopher Michael O’Neill, Jeanne Kern, Allison Scott and Robert-Kingston Green

Heavily influenced by Giallo, a genre of Italian horror popularized in the late 60’s and 70’s by masters like Dario Argento and Lucio Fulci, Blood Rites is a macabre mystery of murder, drug use and the occult.

It was supposed to be an easy deal for Jason and Nikki: buy the drugs, cut them at an abandoned warehouse, then sell them on the street and rake in the cash. When the drug deal goes bad and Jason disappears, Nikki is trapped on an upper floor of the warehouse with a vicious ex-military enforcer, a gunshot victim, a violent addict and his three hostages. 

Leaving the building is not an option. 

All the exits have been blocked. And somewhere in the darkness is something with a taste for blood and a love of pain. The bad guys are being stalked by something worse. For a great demon demands to be born from the fiery depths of hell and its faithful servant has planned a bizarre blood rite that will leave no vein untapped. Blood will flow. Hell is coming.


Saint James Films, Acquires International Rights to Grindhouse Gem, ‘Blood Rites’


Blood Rites is a well-shot low-budget crime film with superior production values. The smart camera work (by Chad Haufschild), lighting and sound design imbue the film with a professional quality that raises it above similar fare. Director Dorothy Booraem (who co-wrote with Haufschild) knows the language of film and has a keen eye for action and composition. – Bradley Harding, PLANET FURY

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